Fx co-founder of OPN Lesage, intendant du culte  Lesage...et si ce pseudonyme cachait un franšais ?


OPN began in 1997 as a CD-R and cassette-tape label. Our first release was THE BLEEDING LIGHT's third demo, "Drowning", which very quickly drew the attention of Marseilles-based record label "Season of mist". It was followed by "Danse dans les vents d'Europe", ORAISON's very first release which compiled demo tracks from the early days as well as live material (their very first concert with ATARAXIA in 1997). In 1999, ORAISON put out their first official studio work, a demo-tape spanning 8 tracks and called "Life+Death=Love=Burden". Sold on all continents, that demo introduced OPN to a lot of people in the "folk noir" scene and drew attention from many labels. Our first releases got a rather positive and enthusiastic feedback, be it locally or internationally, which often lead the bands to sign deals with bigger labels.

For a few years we've been focusing on releasing the material recorded by HARVEST RAIN, a band we really like and decided we'd help because they are just worth the time and money !

Our philosophy is to help worthy artists release their material. We do not care about money, nor do we care about politics.

The OPN staff.

OPN is distributed by the following people :

In France : Season Of Mist
In Switzerland : Totenlicht
In Austria : Steinklang Industries
In Belgium : Carpe noctem
In Portugal : Equilibrium music
In Argentina : Twilight records
In England : Cold Spring, Music non stop
In Poland : Beast of prey, WOP, Wrotycz, Fluttering dragon
In Germany : Dark Vinyl, Tesco organisation, Loki foundation, Eis und Licht, Eternal soul, Ars macabre, Der Elfentanz, H÷rsturz
In Brazil : Essence music
In Finland : Aural hypnox
In Czech Republic : Epidemie rec
In the US of A : Malignant records,Tesco USA,Strange Fortune,The fossil dungeon , Middle pillar, God is myth
In Italy: Old europa cafÚ,Punch records,Nail records,Stridulum recordings,Radiotarab,Ars Benevola Mater
In Sweden : Cold meat industry.
In Canada : Cyclic Law.
In Japan : Deserted Factory.

Distribution exclusive en France via Season of Mist